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Image by Hal Gatewood

The International Day against Drug Abuse - SHGHS

The NCC Cadets of 1 Karnataka Girls Battalion and Guides organized a rally to create awareness in society about various important issues. This innovative way of bringing in public awareness was initiated by Principal Rv.Sr Mary Margret, Vice Principal Mrs. Jozina D'Souza under the guidance of Commanding officer, A.O Major Deepa Chandra Shekar, ANO T/O Sahana G Salimath, GCI's, and PI staffs, a total of 50 NCC cadets, 40 Guides, 40 Bulbuls, and parent coordinators actively participated in this rally.
The rally focused on addressing concerns on drug abuse, importance of blood donation campaigns, recycling waste and protecting our environment. The cadets played a pivotal role in spreading awareness among the public, showcasing their commitment towards building a better society.
To promote eco-friendliness, the cadets distributed eco-friendly bags that they had stitched themselves, highlighting their creativity and innovation in making the best out of waste. This initiative aimed to encourage people to adopt sustainable practices and reduce the use of single-use plastic.

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