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Our school's clubs and committees, ranging from Science and Literary to Cultural, Music/Drama/Dance, offer diverse opportunities for student growth. The Grievance Committee ensures a fair and empathetic environment. These groups foster skills, creativity, and community engagement, enriching our students' educational journey.

Science Club

Our Science Club is a thrilling journey into the world of scientific discovery. In our state-of-the-art labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, students transform curiosity into knowledge through hands-on experiments. They explore the wonders of the universe, developing a scientific temper and practical skills under expert guidance.

Literary Club

The Literary Club is where eloquence meets passion. Through Elocution, Declamation, and Debate competitions, students refine their oratory skills. They draw inspiration from great speakers, learning the art of rhetoric and expression, and showcasing their talents in various languages on both traditional and digital stages.

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee celebrates the diverse tapestry of global cultures. Students engage in artistic exploration, sharing and appreciating cultural traditions through various events, fostering an environment of creativity and mutual respect.

Sports Club

Championing athleticism and teamwork, the Sports Club fosters sportsmanship through various events. Students learn the values of discipline and collaboration, growing as athletes and team players.

Music/Drama/Dance Committee

The Music/Drama/Dance Committee is a vibrant blend of artistic disciplines. It offers students a rich tapestry of experiences in music, theater, and dance. Participants explore a wide range of musical styles, theatrical productions, and dance forms, honing their skills in each area. This committee nurtures talents in orchestral and solo music, dramatic performances, and diverse dance traditions. It provides a dynamic platform for showcasing creativity in concerts, plays, and dance recitals, fostering an environment of artistic excellence and cultural diversity.

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee plays a crucial role in maintaining a harmonious and just school environment. It offers a structured platform for students and staff to voice concerns and resolve conflicts. The committee carefully reviews grievances, ensuring a fair and empathetic approach to each case. By promoting transparency and accountability, it helps foster a culture of trust and respect within the school community, making it a safe and supportive space for all.

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