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At Sacred Heart Girls' High School, music takes centre stage, providing an exceptional platform for students to explore their artistic expressions. Our vibrant music provision caters to diverse interests and skill levels, ensuring there's something for everyone.


From vocal to instrumental ensembles, our extensive range accommodates various abilities and stylistic preferences. While certain groups may require a specific performance level, our wide array of opportunities fosters growth and confidence for musicians of all skill levels, offering numerous chances to showcase their talents throughout the year.


The Music Department, established in 1854 and affiliated with TRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON, is an integral part of Sacred Heart Girls' High School. Under the guidance of the Good Shepherd sisters, we focus on nurturing students' emotional intelligence and building a solid foundation in musical understanding. Our classes provide a platform for students to discover and showcase their talents through soulful performances, bringing smiles to their faces and adding a harmonious touch to their school journey.

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