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Principal's Message

We are living in a digitized age and there is an obsession for updating oneself on social media, to comment and receive comments. It influences the lives of some, the day begins and ends with it. Over indulgence and excessive use of it has influenced the life of youth negatively. Slowly and unknowingly they have drifted from their focus and purpose of life. This is all leading to frustration, nervous breakdown, depression etc.

Our children are no exception to it. They are moving away from the family, people and even environment by which they are surrounded, nurtured and sustained. They seek quiet corners not to study or meditate but to chat on social media. As teachers and educators, it is our prime responsibility to make our children realize the harmful effects of social media and the importance of family life.

We have to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant with the children. Family bonds have to be strengthened and the values we have received with our mother's milk have to be lived i.e. love, care, share, respect, sacrifice and forgiveness. Do initiate to spend quality time together, getting to know your children deeply, don't get immersed/buried in your work and worries. They are part of life. You may never realize that you are sitting on a volcano. Then it will be too late !!!!! Your commitment dear parents will give meaning to life. A beautiful life just does not happen; it is built daily with love, laughter, sacrifice, patience, grace and forgiveness.

Design life for your children, accompany them in their growing up years and have a great future. God Bless you!

Sr. Mary Margaret


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