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Discover the spirit of our school through our vibrant House System, including St. Margaret, St. Agnes, St. Lucy, and St. Teresa Houses. Each house, with its unique feast day and motto, fosters leadership, teamwork, and individual talents. Engage in healthy competitions, experience camaraderie, and embrace values like kindness, purity, justice, and dignity.

St. Margaret House

Celebrating its feast day on October 16, St. Margaret House embodies the motto of spreading God’s kind love to others. It fosters compassion and empathy, encouraging students to be channels of kindness and benevolence in their community.

St. Agnes House

With its feast day on January 21, St. Agnes House inspires purity in thought, word, and deed. Its motto underscores the importance of inner strength, guiding students to uphold integrity and moral values.

St. Lucy House

Observing its feast day on December 13, St. Lucy House champions the motto of being faithful to what is just. It promotes honesty and fairness, encouraging students to stand firmly for justice and righteousness.

St. Teresa House

Celebrating its feast day on October 15, St. Teresa House is driven by the motto to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of every person. It emphasizes respect for individual dignity and the cultivation of an inclusive and accepting school environment​
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