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Our History

Sacred Heart Girls' High School carries a rich legacy deeply rooted in its history. Founded with a vision inspired by St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, our school upholds timeless values that continue to shape the educational journey of our students, echoing the spirit of our esteemed founder.

The Beginning

In 1854, five Sisters inspired by the love and compassion of the Heart of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, arrived in Bangalore from France. Their commitment to serving humanity led to the establishment of various works of the Good Shepherd, marking the inception of Sacred Heart Girls' High School. "You have to adapt to all circumstances. Do the best you can, while remembering that, according to the spirit of our calling, we must be everything to everyone," St. Mary Euphrasia conveyed to her Sisters, emphasizing the mission to comfort the forsaken.


Early Years

Sacred Heart High School, initially a Boarding and Day School for Europeans and Anglo-Indians, was well-attended from its inception. Formal recognition was granted by the Madras Government on May 10, 1892, and further confirmed by the Education Department in 1899. Affiliated as a Second Grade College to the Madras University in 1902, the school underwent various examination patterns, culminating in the adoption of the I.C.S.E. pattern of education in 1970.


Academic Excellence

Throughout its journey, the school's commitment to academic excellence remained unwavering. From sending students for the Senior Cambridge till 1956 to consistently achieving outstanding results in the I.C.S.E. Examinations from 1970 onwards, Sacred Heart Girls’ High School has been a trailblazer in providing quality education.


Holistic Development

Aligned with the vision of St. Mary Euphrasia, our institution, guided by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd Convent and the dedicated staff, remains committed to fostering the holistic development of each student. Education, in the spirit of St. Mary Euphrasia, seeks to unfold the fullest potential in every aspect—physically, psychologically, socially, aesthetically, and spiritually.


Mission and Values

Our mission extends beyond academic pursuits. We cultivate a spirit of learning and sharing, instilling faith formation through value-oriented education. Every student is empowered to become an agent for the promotion of justice, peace, and love. Conscious awareness of duty is instilled, inspiring students to preserve our planet, making our school a perfect resource center for conscious living.

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