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At Sacred Heart Girls' High School, we take pride in fostering a spirit of discipline, leadership, and patriotism through our National Cadet Corps (NCC) program. Aligned with the youth wing of the Indian Armed Forces, the NCC at our school provides students with a unique opportunity for voluntary participation. Open to both school and college students, the NCC operates as a Tri-Services Organisation, encompassing the Army, Navy, and Air Force.


Under the NCC umbrella, our cadets undergo basic military training in small arms and drill, instilling in them a sense of discipline and teamwork. It serves as a platform for holistic development, nurturing qualities of leadership and responsibility. Importantly, officers and cadets participating in our NCC program carry no liability for active military service upon completion of their course. Sacred Heart Girls' High School is committed to shaping responsible citizens through initiatives like the NCC, contributing to the character-building and overall development of our students.

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