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Good Shepherd Society

Embark on a captivating journey through the profound history of the Good Shepherd Society at Sacred Heart Girls' High School. Rooted in the visionary ideals of our founder, St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, the enduring values of compassion and education resonate at the core of our institution, shaping the present and future of every student we nurture.

A Century of Building and Nurturing

In the past century, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd have dedicated themselves to building and nurturing institutional ministries. Their focus spans educational and health facilities, as well as orphanages. Over the years, their compassionate outreach has extended to rural areas, bringing essential services and programs to remote communities.

South West India Province

The Good Shepherd Society spearheads diverse educational endeavors, including nursery to higher secondary schools and nursing/music institutions. Their residential care extends to boarding facilities for marginalized children and homes for various needs. Health services, social action programs, and advocacy initiatives, like children's parliaments and rural development, demonstrate their holistic commitment to community welfare.

Members of the Province of South West India

Sr. Lissy Chacko was elected Province Leader on 27 October 2020. Her mandate commenced on 21 November 2020.

Members of the new Province Leadership Team:

  1. Sr. Agnes Rayappa (Contemplative Councillor)

  2. Sr. Margaret Chowrappa (Apostolic Councillor)

  3. Sr. Shantha Selvaraj (Apostolic Councillor)

  4. Sr. Lissy Chacko (Province Leader)

  5. Sr. Shalini Podimattam (Apostolic Councillor)

  6. Sr. Deepa Ulahannan (Apostolic Councillor)

  7. Sr. Anita Mamoottil (Contemplative Councillor)

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