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Our Foundress

Our Foundress, St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, left an indelible mark on education. Her compassionate spirit and dedication to uplifting the marginalized inspire every facet of Sacred Heart Girls' High School. Discover the enduring legacy of our Foundress, guiding us in nurturing minds and fostering values that transcend generations.

A Life of Love and Compassion

Founded in France in 1835 by St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, the Society of the Good Shepherd Sisters is rooted in a legacy of love and compassion, inspired by the benevolent teachings of our Foundress.


Early Life and Lessons of Charity

Rose Virginie Pelletier was born on 31st July 1796 in France, St. Mary Euphrasia's childhood was marked by vitality and mischief. Her first lessons on compassion came from her benevolent mother, who lived the Gospel precept of charity and love for one’s neighbor.


Formative Years and Enduring Separation

During her studies in a boarding school in Tours, St. Mary Euphrasia experienced sorrowful separation from her home and mother. It was during this challenging period that her teacher became her chief consolation. This formative relationship profoundly influenced her, teaching her the transformative power of acceptance, empathy, and kindness.


Vision Amidst Social Turmoil

The appalling conditions of the French Revolution exposed the need to care for destitute women and children, becoming a strong indicator of St. Mary Euphrasia's true calling in life. Her vision was clear: to bring hope to the underprivileged, abandoned, and deserted, and to rehabilitate them into society.


Global Impact and Founding of Convents

At the time of her passing on 24th April 1868, St. Mary Euphrasia had founded 110 Convents in 68 countries, including India in 1854. This global impact remains a testament to her unwavering commitment to Christian education, caring for the sick, and rehabilitating destitutes.


Legacy of Service and Sacrifice

St. Mary Euphrasia's life exemplifies the power of love, selfless service, and sacrifice as offerings to God. Her heart, an altar of unending thanksgiving and love, serves as a guiding light for the Good Shepherd Sisters.


Continuing the Flame in Education

The Good Shepherd Sisters continue to fan the flame of our Foundress, making her ideals a living reality in today's world. As collaborators in the integral formation of students in Good Shepherd Schools, our mission is to bring about a total transformation through dedication, commitment, and loving service.

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