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Image by Hal Gatewood

Student Council Election 2024-2025

The student council election for the year 2024-25 was held on 18th January 2024 .Electronic voting machines were introduced.
The following are the newly elected student council members.


President - Monica
Vice President - Sanu Benza
Sports President - P C Deepthi
Cultural Secretary -Angelina I

Head Girl - Likitha M
Games Captain - Kashvi

St. Margaret House
Captain - Sarah Mariette Joseph
Vice Captain - Himisha Chajjer

St.Agnes House
Captain - Fiona Wifrid
Vice Captain - Lavina Mia Mascarenhas

St. Lucy House
Captain - Alvina Saji
Vice Captain - Gargi Adithya

St. Teresa House
Captain - Carol Maria
Vice Captain - Henny Jain

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